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What Determines The Cost of PU Safety Gloves?

PU safety gloves, composed of PU coating and knitted polyester or nylon inner lining. They are made by immersing the glove liner in the PU liquid and then heating and baking it. PU safety gloves usually only have palm coating and fingertip coating styles. The inner liner can be made of 13-pin, 15-pin or 18-pin gloves, of which 13-pin is the most typical specification for PU gloves.

So, what determines the cost of PU safety gloves?

1. Raw materials

The cost of PU safety gloves in the same factory is basically fixed. Coating costs cannot be adjusted at will like latex coated gloves and nitrile coated gloves. The cheap PU gloves in some factories use low-cost polyurethane raw materials, which makes the coating quality relatively thin and wear resistance slightly worse.

2. Different ways of weaving PU lining

Common 13, 15, 18 needles, the denser the number of needles, the higher the density of the glove, the better the feel, the heavier weight, more materials, and the higher the price.

3. Lining color of PU safety gloves

The cost of white PU safety glove liner is lower than that of color liner. Other special lining colors are slightly more expensive than typical color linings.

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