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How To Wear A Pair Of Safety Gloves Correctly?

Safety gloves are very effective in protecting people's hands. In many cases, some work that will hurt the hands, it is necessary to wear the gloves. Many corporate managers found that these employees’ gloves were very problematic when inspecting their employees, and they were not protective at all, and even had potential safety hazards. So, how to wear a pair of safety gloves correctly?

1. The glove size needs to be appropriate

The palm size is different for different people. Distribute safety gloves of appropriate size according to the size of the employees' palms. Only the right size can protect employees' hands. For example, if the gloves are too small, the employees will restrain their hands when they wear them, preventing blood flow in the hands, causing discomfort in the hands. When the gloves are too large, the gloves are easy to slip off, which is easy to cause safety hazards.

2. Gloves need to be cleaned regularly

Some employees continue to wear safety gloves without washing them after they are used, which is definitely not acceptable. Wearing gloves for a period of time will produce dirt and bacteria due to sweating and friction on the hands. If it is not cleaned in time, it will cause harm to the skin.

In order to protect the health of employees, it is recommended that companies recycle gloves regularly, arrange for personnel to clean them, or require employees to clean gloves. After the gloves are cleaned, you need to gently rub the five fingers of the gloves with your hands to make them soft while wearing them.

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