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What are the Common Types of Gloves?

Nowadays, gloves not only play the role of warmth and protection but also different types of gloves have different functions in different fields and life, such as knitted working gloves, PU coating gloves and so on.

Summer in the northern hemisphere is coming soon. When you go out, whether you are driving, traveling, cycling or running, sunscreen gloves can protect your arms to a certain extent, so as to avoid arm sunburn and sunburn.

The southern hemisphere will also enter winter and the weather is getting colder and colder. Cold hands and feet are common. Wearing warm gloves can provide warmth to your hands, and they can not only keep your hands warm but also have decorative effects.

Sports gloves are specially designed and produced according to the characteristics of different types of sports, and their functions are also different.

In outdoor activities, a handy pair of outdoor gloves will play a vital role in the field crossing, riding, and climbing activities. Especially in winter, in cold weather, the temperature of the hands directly determines the comfort level of people.

In order to ensure the sanitation and health between medical staff and patients, medical gloves should be worn under certain conditions such as examination and contact, and medical staff should wear different gloves in different places and times.

Most of the operations on the construction site are inseparable from hands, which means that hands are often in danger, and protective gloves play an important role in avoiding or reducing occupational hazards and preventing industrial accidents.

Frequent housework will come in contact with oils and detergents containing chemical irritants, which will often make your hands rough and chapped. Housework gloves can solve these problems for you, help you protect your hands and finish housework easily.

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