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Factors that Need to Be Considered During the Use of Labor Insurance Gloves

The knitted gloves should not only consider the factors of the glove during use but also pay attention to the external environmental factors of using the glove.

1. Extent of exposure when using gloves

If the contact time of labor protection gloves with chemical substances is prolonged, its chemical protection performance will be significantly reduced. An increase in the concentration of the chemical substance exposed to it, or the direct immersion of the glove in the chemical substance will cause the glove to be penetrated for a shorter time than the time provided by the manufacturer.

2. Ambient temperature when using gloves

When the labor protection gloves are used, the temperature rises, the penetration speed of the chemical substance increases, and the penetration time shorten. The standard breakthrough time data is obtained at room temperature. Gloves used at higher than this temperature will greatly reduce their chemical resistance.

3. The thickness of the protective gloves

Under normal circumstances, if necessary, choose a glove with thicker material, or wear 2 pairs of gloves at the same time, because a thicker material has better chemical resistance and greatly prolongs the penetration time. Of course, when considering the thickness of the gloves, the flexibility and touch of the work itself must also be considered.

4. Surface treatment and lining of labor protection gloves

In considering the factors of the material of labor protection gloves, the surface treatment and lining of the gloves are not the same, there are smooth surfaces, rough surfaces, embossed surfaces, etc. In terms of lining, cotton, fabric, etc., as well as unlined gloves. The patterned and rough surface has better anti-slip performance and can safely hold wet and smooth objects. Cotton lining and cotton lining have good sweat absorption performance, fabric lining gloves also have good high-temperature resistance, and unlined gloves have good flexibility and touch.

5. Possible chemical mixtures

In permeation experiments, pure chemicals are used. In reality, chemical mixtures can significantly change the penetration rate and physical properties of given glove material. Generally, for chemical mixtures, it is necessary to choose materials that have good anti-permeability properties for each component. However, it is also possible that the penetration time of the mixture is longer than the penetration time of a single component. The user can make a certain evaluation of the ability of the glove to protect the mixture under the conditions of use, especially the more toxic mixture.

6. The physical properties of labor protection gloves

The physical properties of labor protection gloves and their puncture resistance, tear resistance, abrasion resistance and tensile resistance in use. The penetration of chemical substances through pierced holes or torn gaps causes more damage to the hand than the penetration of chemical substances through the molecular layer. Sometimes it is necessary to wear two different kinds of gloves, one for preventing mechanical damage and the other for preventing chemical damage.

Therefore, when using labor protection gloves, you should pay attention to the performance of the gloves themselves, and also pay attention to the external environment and chemical composition of the gloves, so that the gloves can really play a protective role.

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