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Why Are PU Coating Gloves Chosen by Many Professionals?

PU coating gloves refer to a protective layer of polyurethane coated on nylon, Dyneema® or other shells. This protective layer can make working gloves thin and light, but still has high mechanical properties and high wear resistance and tear resistance.

The PU coating is also very durable in terms of natural aging, and has good resistance to ozone corrosion and aliphatic solvents. Therefore, in industries that require extremely high mechanical properties, it is strongly recommended to use PU coating gloves.

Safety gloves impregnated with polyurethane can provide comfort, thereby providing better touch and excellent comfort, and have an extraordinary touch. This makes them chosen by many professionals.

Frequently used places include routine maintenance, precise and delicate assembly work, product inspection, many options for handling small metals, plastic parts, microelectronics, light-duty automotive applications, precious metals, biological culture, and optical and photographic equipment processing, etc. Wait.

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