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The History and Development of Knitted Gloves

Knitted gloves are used by people who produce products, so they are also called cotton gloves. Knitted glove material-cotton cloth. The main types of cotton cloth are city cloth, fine cloth, coarse cloth, pyrotechnics, khaki, gabardine, tribute, twill, poplin, hemp yarn, seersucker, corduroy, thread, flannel, etc.
Distinguish between pure cotton cloth and rayon cloth: 1. Finish: artificial cotton cloth, the cloth surface is flat, there are few yarn defects, no impurities, fine and smooth; while the surface of cotton cloth can be seen cotton shells, impurities, etc., the finish is not as good as artificial cotton cloth. 2. Yarn count uniformity: The yarn count of rayon fabric is even, with few yarn defects; while the yarn count of pure cotton is not as uniform as rayon, especially for medium coarse cloth. 3. Hand feeling: regardless of the thickness of the rayon fabric, the hand feeling is mostly soft, while the cotton cloth has a rough and hard feel.
Mainly for production or labor use. Such as workers working in workshops, farmers working in the fields, nurses in hospitals, doctors and so on. But then the scope has expanded, not only limited to this, many people wear these gloves.
The gloves supplier should obtain more market resources and compete. Through competition, realize the survival of the fittest and realize the optimal allocation of production factors. Studying the market competition in the cotton glove industry will help companies in the cotton glove industry understand the fierce competition in the industry, and grasp their competitive position in the cotton glove industry and their competitors, so as to formulate effective market competition strategies Provide evidence.