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Ten Matters Needing Attention When Using Safety Gloves

According to statistics, hand accidents account for about one-fifth of all types of work-related accidents that lead to labor loss. So we not only need to choose and wear gloves but also need to use them properly and properly. The following are the matters needing attention when using safety gloves:

1. Choose gloves suitable for different workplaces as required. The size of the glove should be appropriate. If the glove is too tight, it will restrict blood flow, if it is too loose, it will fall off easily and it is inconvenient to use.

2. The selected gloves should have adequate protection. According to the requirements of your working environment, you should choose to wear gloves made of the most suitable material and replace the gloves regularly to ensure the performance of the gloves.

3. Check the gloves at any time to check for small holes or damaged or abraded places, especially finger joints.

4. Pay attention to the use of gloves. If a pair of gloves is used in an incorrect place, the service life of the gloves may be greatly reduced.

5. Pay attention to safety during use, and don't throw away contaminated gloves arbitrarily to avoid harm to others.

6. Be sure to pay attention to the correct method when taking off the gloves to prevent the harmful substances contaminated on the gloves from contacting the skin and clothes, causing secondary pollution.

7. It is best not to share gloves with others. The inside of gloves is a breeding ground for bacteria and microorganisms. Sharing gloves is easy to cause cross-infection.

8. Wash your hands before wearing gloves, otherwise, bacteria will easily breed. Wash your hands after taking off your gloves and rub some hand cream to replenish oil.

9. Cover the wound before wearing gloves. The skin is a natural barrier against external environmental damage and can prevent the entry of bacteria and chemicals.

10. Don't ignore any skin erythema or itching to prevent skin diseases such as dermatitis. If your hands are dry, itchy, or air bubbles, please consult a doctor in time.

The above 10 points are the points that need to be paid attention to before and after the use of labor protection gloves. If you follow them carefully, you can maximize the effect of safety gloves. As a safety gloves factory, Ningbo GG Safety Products Co., Ltd. sincerely provides you with services. For more details, please continue to pay attention to us.