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PU Coating Gloves Can Provide Good Slip Resistance

PU coating gloves are also called pu coating gloves or pu finger and palm gloves. According to performance, it is divided into two types: ordinary type and anti-static type. Gloves completely cover the palm of the hand with specially treated polyurethane, which can provide good anti-slip performance and prevent the hand sweat and particle pollution of the human palm.


100% nylon and pu resin coating.

Production Method:

A layer of pu resin is applied to the fingers or palms of knitted nylon gloves, which not only increases the anti-slip performance and heat insulation performance, it is an indispensable product for precision electronic production lines.


The pucoating has acid and alkali resistance, can effectively prevent slippage, avoid slipping when grabbing items, and will not leave fingerprints, which improves productivity.

Anti-pollution, non-slip, heat-resistant, wear-resistant, easy to absorb sweat, and good air permeability.

Because it is extremely flexible, it feels more comfortable to the user's hand.

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