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How Should the Glove Factory Adapt to the Development of the Times?

Ningbo Guguan Protective Products Co., Ltd. is one of many glove factories, which produces PU safety gloves, PU coated gloves and other products.

PU coated gloves are also called PU coated gloves or PU finger and palm gloves. According to performance, it is divided into two types: ordinary type and anti-static type. Gloves completely cover the palm of the hand with specially treated polyurethane, which can provide good anti-slip performance and prevent the hand sweat and particle pollution of the human palm.

The PU coated gloves are divided into two types: ordinary type and anti-static type. The performance characteristics of the ordinary type are 1. The PU coating has acid and alkali resistance, which can effectively prevent slippage, avoid slipping when grabbing items, and will not leave fingerprints and improve productivity. 2. Anti-pollution, non-slip, heat-resistant, wear-resistant, easy to absorb sweat, and good air permeability. 3. Because it is extremely flexible, it feels more comfortable to the user's hand.

The performance characteristics of the anti-static type are: 1. The conductive resin is added to the PU coating to make the best anti-static effect, which can prevent the operator's finger from directly touching the static-sensitive components, and can safely discharge the human body static electricity carried by the operator Lotus. 2. Has good slip resistance and abrasion resistance. 3. Good air permeability and washable.

In today's era of faster and faster development of science and technology, the competition among peers is becoming more and more fierce. If you can't make your own products stand out, you will most likely be eliminated.

Ningbo Guguan Glove Factory should improve product quality, ensure product performance, beautify its appearance and improve after-sales service.